The Foundations of a Soulful Business Course by Stacy Vajta

The Foundations of a Soulful Business Course

Feeling a bit lost when it comes to what your soulful business is all about... and how to move ahead?

Do you wonder what your purpose is? Do you feel confused as to how to talk about what you do? Do you question yourself about what direction to take and how to do it all? Do you feel overwhelemed by all the noise out there about how to run your business?

You aren't alone. Really. But it is time to get that clarity so you create a business that thrives. So you thrive.

This level of clarity around what you do doesn’t come from your head. It’s not about clicking off a checklist of “to-dos” to build a business. 

It comes from slowing down and listening within; learning to listen to your inner wisdom, your heart, and even the soul of your business to find what is naturally unfolding

It comes from recognizing what you are being called to speak — through your work — and how you are being called to manage your business in ways that help you thrive and evolve, personally and spiritually.

In this introductory course, you'll connect with your soulful business to create a sense of direction as you learn to:
  • Listen within to your inner wisdom. To learn a skill that enables you understand what you need to know, to make decisions about your business that feel true to you… that you trust.  
  • See your purpose… your “what matters.” You have something to say through your work. It’s time to claim that and let it fuel the work you are here to do.  
  • Connect with the soul of your business. To know your business as more than just your modality. It’s bigger than just you, even. There is a vibrational counterpart to your business, that when you connect with it, can teach you so much about how your business needs to unfold.
  • Recognize your own energy, your personal ecosystem, and what you need within your business, so you and your business thrive.
Whether you are considering the idea of creating a business for yourself, or you’re revamping what isn’t quite working for you, take the time now to create a strong energetic foundation for your work as you create a soulful business you love.
For over 30 years now, I've been helping people find their passion, step into their power and get to know their energy.

And all three of those things go hand in hand. They're the foundation needed to do what you love.

This is where you'll find your truth; the path ahead.

I invite you on a journey to understand your work - and yourself, so you get out there and do what matters.

What folks are saying...

“You do such beautiful, and necessary, work. 
Thank you for helping me grow into the person, and entrepreneur, that I am.”
"I'm grateful beyond words for Stacy’s gentle way of blowing my heart, soul and mind wind open to a whole new way of being in the  world, and in my sacred art. "

What's included?

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Intro to The Foundations of a Soulful Business
7 mins
Lesson One - Your Inner Wisdom
Your Inner Wisdom: Audio Lesson & Guided Meditation
42 mins
Your Inner Wisdom Handout
81.1 KB
Just the Meditation
19 mins
Your Inner Wisdom Lesson: Written Transcript
164 KB
Putting This Into Practice: video
3 mins
Lesson Two - Your Inner Compass
A Tip Before You Begin: video
4 mins
Your Inner Compass: Audio Lesson
19 mins
Your Inner Compass Handout
84.7 KB
Your Inner Compass Lesson: Written Transcript
159 KB
Lesson Three - The Voice of Your Business
The Voice of Your Business: Audio Lesson & Guided Meditation
27 mins
The Voice Of Your Business Handout
88.2 KB
Just the Meditation
16 mins
The Voice of Your Business Lesson: Written Transcript
138 KB
Putting This Into Practice: video
3 mins
Lesson Four - Your Personal Ecosystem
A Tip Before You Begin: video
3 mins
Your Personal Ecosystem: Audio Lesson & Guided Meditation
31 mins
Your Personal Ecosystem Handout
79.8 KB
Just the Meditation
18 mins
Your Personal Ecosystem Lesson: Written Transcript
151 KB
Lesson Five - Connecting the Dots
A Tip Before You Begin: video
3 mins
Connecting the Dots: Audio Lesson
7 mins
Connecting The Dots Handout
84.5 KB
Connecting the Dots Lesson: Written Transcript
114 KB
One Last Tip
One Last Tip: video
7 mins
Stacy Vajta is a business clarity coach, working with healers, coaches, and creatives to help them to get clarity around the soulful business they're called to create (and step into their power to make it so). Her grounded approach to intuitive work blended with real-world business awareness is a unique and creative approach to creating the clarity you need to understand your work and what you need for success.