The Deva Meditations by Stacy Vajta

The Deva Meditations

3 gentle guided meditations to help you spark healing, trust and a flow with money.

Who doesn’t need a little of that?

Connect with the Deva of Trust, Healing and Money and connect with a level of wisdom beyond yourself that you can use for healing and guidance through rocky times… when you have questions about your life and what direction to take.

What's a Deva you ask?

Here’s how I think about it. Devic energy is the over lighting consciousness of any one particular thing. It's like the blueprint energy... you know, before it gets all muddy with our own ideas and issues.

Think for a moment that you can tap into the knowledge that comes from the pure vibration of money or healing or trust. Think how that energy could support you in shifting into alignment with it. Imagine for a moment that you can communicate with this over lighting energy that holds both the deepest true essence of that vibration as well as all the ways you get lost in that. What might change for you if you developed relationships with this Devic energy?

Connecting with the Devas here, gives you a tool to use for your own personal and spiritual growth.  
Every time you work with them, you’ll access different dimensions of healing and awareness. That’s why clients have adored these little gems for years; using them over and over to create an energetic shift and tap into a level of wisdom that's currently beyond their reach.

And now you can too!

Connecting with the Deva of Money

Engage in a conversation with the Deva of Money about how money flows through your own life… what that looks like for you and where you are out of alignment with that flow. Learn how money sees itself as a force to help you shift beyond any limiting ideas of money you hold. 

Let this guided healing meditation free up your energy with money. 
This guided meditation will help you:
  • Connect with the Deva of Money and do some healing around this relationship.
  •  Develop a stronger connection with what you create in your life that allows money to flow.
  • Create an understanding of what the energy of money is about for you… how you connect to that.
  • Get specific information from the Deva of Money about where you feel stuck around money right now.
  • Bring an awareness into how you bring money into your life – the energetic vehicle that holds space for the flow of money.

Connecting with the Deva of Healing

Connect with the Deva of Healing and connect with a guide that can oversee your healing process. If you do any kind of energetic work or personal process, having the ability to call this energy in will take your healing work to new levels. 

I bring this energy into every session I do. She works with my healing guides so that as I create a new level of awareness or healing my entire energetic experience shifts multidimensionally. In other words, what I learn here can help me grow as a spirit in all the places in which I am working energetically.
This guided meditation will teach you:
  • How to call in the Deva of Healing and experience that energetic force as an ally in your personal growth and healing work. 
  • How you can use this energy to support your own healing awareness.
  • What area of your life needs the most healing right now – and how to then allow that healing to happen.
  • How to continually work with the Deva of Healing for on-going support.

Connecting with the Deva of Trust

Connect with the Deva of Trust to support you through life. Let’s face it, life can be challenging. We question ourselves constantly. We move into fear and doubt ourselves any time we set growth in motion. And that growth is happening constantly. Having a way to access the Deva of Trust – that clear consciousness of true trust in yourself and the universe can take you from shaky to serene, in seconds.
This guided meditation will:
  • Help you connect to the Deva of Trust – even when you feel scared and off-kilter.
  • Guide you into an experience of the trust you have in the Universe, the earth, your community and yourself, acting as ways to anchor you and shift you back into a state of trust.
  • Show you what it feels like to be in alignment with Trust – how you feel this so you can call it in again and again.
  • Support you in shifting from fear, anxiety and doubt into more trust any time you need to.

The three guided meditations.

The Deva of Healing Guided Meditation
17 mins
The Deva of Money Guided Meditation
17 mins
The Deva of Trust Guided Meditation
19 mins
Stacy Vajta is a business clarity coach, working with healers, coaches, and creatives to help them to get clarity around the soulful business they're called to create (and step into their power to make it so). Her grounded approach to intuitive work blended with real-world business awareness is a unique and creative approach to creating the clarity you need to understand your work and what you need for success.